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Bowls North Open Men, Women’s, Minor and Champion of Champion Novice Singles for 2020-21 were played on 14 & 28 March at Beauty Point & Kings Meadows Bowls Club. There were 34 entries received for Minor singles including 2 Junior players playing preliminary rounds at Beauty Point then transferring to Kings Meadows Bowls Club to play alongside Champion of Champion Novice singles & Open Men’s, Women’s finals.

With the competition down to the quarter final stages in the Minor singles, Midlands players Chad Morrison & Scott Crocker played with the score line – Morrison 20 to 7. Scott Crocker fought back to have to score line 23 to 22 before Chad scored the two shots, he required to proceed to the semi-final stage. Fellow club mates from Trevallyn Alex Cort & Chloe Collins played each other to see who would proceed to the Semi-finals. Alex started well to be leading 8 to 1 before Chloe settled to win 5 of the next 7 ends played in the match to have the score line Alex 12 to Chloe 7. Alex then picked up 4 shots then Chloe was able to score on the next consecutive 3 ends before Alex continued one to win the game 25 to 15. Lyn Cornelius from LBC played Stephen Hall from Invermay. Lyn held a handy lead in the early stages to be leading 7 to 1 before ‘Hoody’ was able to score. Lyn played beautifully throughout the match to go on and win the game 25 to 13 and a berth into the semi-final stage. Michael Shingles scored on 8 consecutive ends to be leading quite comfortably in his match against Anthony Bannon 18 to 4. Anthony won the next three ends, with the score line M Shingles 21 to 8 leading, Michael won the next 4 ends to win the game 25 to 8 and to go on and play Alex Cort in the semi-finals. In the semi-finals last year’s runner up in this event, Michael Shingles played Alex Cort and after 11 ends into the match the score line was 10 all, Alex then won the next 3 ends to be leading 16 to 10  and once again Michael gained the shots he needed in a great game of bowling to have the score line of 20 all and either players could have won this match, Alex then won the next 4 ends to gain a berth in the Minor Singles final. Final score was 25 to 20. In the other semi-final Lyn Cornelius played Chad Morrison, neither player could gain the upper hand in this match and after 5 ends the score line was Lyn 5 to Chad 4. Chad than settled to win 8 ends to be leading for the first time in this match 16 to 13. Lyn than scored a further 2 shots before Chad was able to score the shots, he needed to progress to the finals for the second year running and hopefully defend his title from 2019-20. Final score was C Morrison 25 to Lyn Cornelius 16. In the final Midlands defending Minor Singles Champion and Trevallyn’s Alex Cort played and their respective mentors of Scott Crocker and Ruby Walsh would be immensely proud of how the players performed during this match. Both players were drawing and playing conversion shots when required and after 21 ends played the score line was Alex Cort 21 to Chad Morrison 17. Alex then went on the win the remaining ends of the match and take out the Minor Singles Championship for 2020-21. Final score was Alex Cort 25 to Chad Morrison 18.

12 entries were received in this Open Women’s Singles championship for 2020-21. There were some great matches played in the first round and the score lines of these matches do not reflect the standard of bowls that was being played by the Ladies competing in this event.

M Campbell 25 def J McMullen 17
M Zoon 25 def M Strochnetter 19
Sophie Fletcher 25 def K Saunders 24
R Simpson 25 def B Huett 19

With the competition down to the quarter final stages the ladies’ once again all played a great standard of bowls.

R Simpson 25 def S Fletcher 14
M Zoon 25 def M Campbell 14
D Middap 25 def B Smith 17
H Thompson 25 def J Claridge 18

In the semis finals Bowls Tasmania B Grade Women’s singles winner for 2020-21 Heather Thompson played Westbury’s Denise Middap. Denise won 6 consecutive ends to be leading 15 to 4 and proved to be too strong for Heather to go on and win the match and a berth in this year’s final. Final scores D Middap 25 def H Thompson 14.

In the other semi-final Kings Meadows Rae Simpson played Invermay’s Maureen Zoon and in a very tight scoring match after 26 ends played the score line was 20 to 19 in Rae’s favour. Rae than score the shots she needed to proceed into the final for 2020-21. Final Score was R Simpson 25 to M Zoon 20.

In the final regaining Bowls Tasmania Open Women’s Singles champion for 2020-21 played Westbury’s Denise Middap. Rae was leading 11 to 5 in a remarkably close game that consistent of tight heads and consistent bowling by both players. Denise scored on the next 5 ends to be only 1 down on the score card. Score was Rae 13 to Denise 12. Rae scored on the next 4 ends in the match to be 3 shots ahead, throughout the match there was only 2 ends where multiple shots was scored. Rae then gained the shots she required to claim her second singles title for 2020-21 season in a cracker of a game against Denise. Final score was Rae Simpson 25 to Denise Middap 17.

With only 15 entries for this year’s BN Open Men’s singles Championship any player could have been crowned champion for 2020-21 season.

Round one results:

J Walker Davis 25 def L Patterson 19
G Ayton 25 def D Bassett 23
M Strochnetter 25 def L Dystkra 9
M Sims 25 def K Munro 10
S Zeuchner 25 def C Daines 11
C Lee 25 def R McDougall 22
R Antel 25 def R Claridge 21

With the competition down to the quarter final stages, some remarkably close games played that either player could have won. Longford’s Joey Thomas played Trevallyn’s Josh Walker Davis in a close match and after 15 ends played the score line was 15 to 14 in Josh Walker Davis favour and at 29 ends the score was 24 to 23. Josh was able to score the shot required to progress to the semi-finals. Final score J Walker Davis 25 to J Thomas 24. Longford’s Mark Strochnetter played Invermay’s Gene Ayton and Mark with a run of scoring shots on multiple ends, Mark held a commanding lead at 11 ends played the score line was M Strochnetter 11 to G Ayton 5. Mark won a further 11 ends to Gene’s 5 to go on and win the match 25 to 13. Longford’s Scott Zeuchner played Michael Sims from Trevallyn. Scott started well to be leading 7 to 4 before Michael scored on 4 ends which included multiple shots to take the lead 13 to 7. In a tight tussle Michael Sims continued onto win the game 25 to 18. ‘Swampies’ Chris Lee played LBC Rob Antel and at 12 ends into the match Rob lead 13 to 6 and after scoring on 3 more ends was in command of the game leading 17 to 8 before Chris won 9 consecutive ends to come from behind and win the match 25 to 17.

In the semi-finals Michael Sims played Chris Lee. Michael held at 5 to 3 lead and went on to win the next 4 ends to be leading 12 to 3 before Chris scored on the next 2 before Michael scored on 6 ends of the remainder of the match to win a place in the final. Final score was M Sims 25 to C Lee 12. In the other semi-final in another close game Mark Strochnetter and Josh Walker Davis played a thriller with neither player unable to gain the upper hand and the players should their skilled at draw bowling. Final score M Strochnetter 25 def J Walker Davis 21.

In the final Bowls North President Greg Smith had the pleasure of marking this game and the game was lived streamed by Shane Gurr. With only 2 shots the difference on the score line throughout the match, spectators could see why these two players are Bowls North & Bowls Tasmania representative players. After playing 26 ends Michael Sims scored the shots required to take out the title, for which he was runner up in last year for 2020-21. Final score was Michael sims 25 to Mark Strochnetter 23

In this year’s Champion of Champion’s Men’s & Women’s Novice 7 men & 5 Ladies competed in this event and the talent that is coming through the ranks is a promising for the game of bowls.

Men’s Novice Round 1:

Collin Burns (Trev) 21 def Trey Daines (Inv) 11
Paul Elmer (Km) 21 def Lionel Wise (Scott) 11
Brodie Howard (Nth) 21 def Greg Humphries (Gt) 8

In the semi-final Collin Burns played Paul Elmer with the score line 9 all at 10 ends and throughout the match the score difference always was only 2 shots the difference.  Until the 24 end of the match the score was 19 to16 in Collin’s favour. Then Collin was able to score 3 shots on the next 2 ends to win the match. Final score C Burns 21 to P Elmer 16. Brodie Howard held an 8 to 1 lead in his game against Lilydale’s Michael McMasters. Michael then scored on the next 3 ends to have the score line B Howard 12 to M McMasters 7. The Brodie scored on the next 6 ends to claim the match 21 to 7.

In the Ladies Novice event for 2020-21, 5 eager ladies from Invermay, West Launceston, Launceston, Georgetown & Cressy competed for the title.

Round 1:

Terese Dick (West) 21 def Chloe Jongschaap (Inv) 5
Terese won 12 ends of the match to Chloe’s 5 and most ends only 1 shot was scored by the players and the score line does not reflect on how the players played in this game.

With the competition now down to the semi-final stage great friends Terese Dick and Launceston’s Janice Newett played each other and the sportsmanship and encouragement to each other shown by each player throughout the match was extraordinary. Final score T Dick 21 def J Newett 3

In the second semi of the Women’s novice event Georgetown Pat Wilkinson played Cressy’s Skye Bannon. After 5ends played the score line was 3 all. Skye won 5 of the next 6 ends played to be leading 12 to 5. Skye then won 6 ends to Pat’s 3 to progress to the final. Final score was S Bannon 21 def P Wilkinson 10.

The finalists in this year’s women’s novice event were West Launceston Terese Dick and Cressy’s Skye Bannon, after 5 ends that was played Terese lead 7 to 2 and on several ends, Terese drew the absolute shot to win many ends. Terese continued to take out the title for 2020-21. Final score was T Dick 21 def S Bannon 10.

The only remaining Bowls North Championship event to be played for 2020-21 is the Open Champion of Champions Men’s and Women’s singles, which is scheduled to be played on April 24, 2021. Entries close at 12 (Noon) Wednesday 19 April 2021.

Bowls North would like to congratulate all winners of the Championships series for 2020-21