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BN Conditions of Play 2017


1.8 (a) reprimand – Via a formal letter or a face to face meeting followed by a formal letter.

1.13   After the commencement of the season, new player/s’ registration form is to be emailed immediately to the Bowls North Secretary and the affiliation fee payment must be received by Bowls North within five (5) working days after player being added to the club’s database. ( to alert the Treasurer that a fee is required , as the Statistician is to be advised if no payment received within this time frame no game points, classed as an ineligible player)


(Refer Laws of the Sport of Bowls Law 56.3)

1. In sectional play, teams will receive 2 points for a win, I point for a draw, 0 points for a loss. Teams who receive a bye or a forfeit will also receive 2 points, and a +8 shots differential to be added to their total net shots for all games. (this is to eliminate byes in Post sectional play)


Deleted  Section 3:

Clubs with both grass and synthetic greens MUST advise the visiting club if playing on the synthetic green, 48 hours prior to the game. (it is now up to the visiting club , if they want to know make the call)


(a)       Prior to the commencement of trial ends, as from the first Pennant, the two Match Managers or their nominees should time the green. The preferred minimum speed should be 12 seconds and the maximum should be 16 seconds under normal conditions

(b)       Where available, timing ramps should be used to measure green speeds. If no timing ramp is available, the time or pace of a green is measured from the 2 metre line to the 27 metre line from the time the bowl is delivered until it comes to rest 27 metres from the mat line. Only bowls finishing within a radius of a metre of the jack should be timed. The pace of the green should be measured in both directions. One bowl on each hand is to be delivered to the jack with the average of the four (4) correctly delivered bowls taken as the green speed and recorded on the result sheet.

(c)        Subject to a satisfactory explanation to the Match Committee the penalty for the breach of the guideline in 3.6(a) shall be the loss of 6 pennant points by the host club.

3.25  (e)   Clubs shall ensure that all players in all Divisions are selected in positions based solely on their ability and merit.

Plus removed rating of the green. Appendix A & C


Saturday Pennant – Premier to Division 5 

Saturday Pennant Division 6

Please destroy all old version of the Saturday Division 6 roster.

Please the revised Saturday Division 6 pennant roster below.All points from previous games will remai

Revised Div 6 roster dated Nov 1

Thursday Pennant – Division 1-3

Thursday Pennant – Division 4

Thursday Women Only Pennant – Women Only – Cancelled

BN    RESULTS & LADDERS – Saturday Pennant   2017-18

 Oct   7      Jan 13   Rd 11 Rd 11  
Oct 14   Rd 2  Jan 20 Rd 12 Rd 12  
Oct 21  Rd 3 Rd 3  Jan 27 Rd 13  Rd 13   
Oct 28 Rd 4  Rd 4  Feb 03 Rd 14 Rd 14  
Nov 11 Rd 5 Rd 5  Feb 10  Rd 15 Rd 15  
Nov 18 Rd 6 Rd 6  Feb 17 Rd 16  Rd 16  
Nov 25 Rd 7 Rd 7  Feb 24 Rd 17  Rd 17  
Dec 02 Rd 8 Rd 8  Mar 3 Rd 18 Rd 18   
Dec 09 Rd 9 Rd 9   Semi – Finals  
Dec 16 Rd 10 Rd 10     Preliminary Finals



Results & Ladders
       Results & Ladders
Oct 19 Rd1      Jan 11 RD10
 Nov 2 Rd2      Jan 18 Rd11
Nov 9 Rd3      Jan 25 Rd12
Nov 16 Rd4      Feb 01 Rd13
Nov 23 Rd5      Feb 08 Rd 14
Nov 30 Rd6     Feb 15 Rd 15
Dec 7 Rd7     Feb 22 Rd 16
Dec 14 Rd8     Mar 01 Rd 17
Dec 21 Rd9      Mar 08 Rd 18
Semi Finals Tuesday March 13
Preliminary Finals March 14